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Heine Sigma 250 With mPackLL

Heine Sigma 250 With mPackLL
Exclusive Small Pupil System – the exclusive system with separate controls for optical convergence and angle of parallax guarantees fully illuminated, stereo views in pupils as small as 2 mm as well as viewing in the periphery.

Filters and apertures – integrated red-free filter and two aperture sizes. Cobalt blue, yellow filters and diffusor attachments available for full diagnostic capability.

Multiple charging options – mPack LL battery pack is available with charging transformer or optional wall/desk charging station.

Customisable S-FRAME – lightweight spectacle frame has multiple adjustment points that can be optimised for maximum comfort and a personalised fit. Optional clip-in correction frame for prescription lenses is also available.
LED in HQ - The new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity, homogeneity and colour rendering for the most accurate diagnosis. Red is red, blue is blue. Colour temperature: 4,000 K, Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 90, special index for red colours (R9) > 75 on a maximum scale of 100. This ensures true colour tissue for the most accurate diagnosis.

Precision HEINE Optics – using only optical grade glass, we manufacture all optical components of the SIGMA250, ensuring crisp, high resolution images for the most detailed diagnostic information.

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology in mPack LL – up to 23 hours continuous on-time at full power.
LED Thermal Management. LED illumination systems require thermal management to ensure long-term performance and product stability. Carefully selected and applied heat-diffusing materials guarantee consistent quality and performance throughout the LED’s lifetime rating of up to 50.000 hours.

Carbon Fiber Instrument Frame – advanced carbon fiber frame offers the perfect combination of durability and low weight.

Dustproof design: Protects the precision optical components.
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