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Lombart CVS Essential

Acuity Systems don't have to be complicated.  The CVS Essential proves they can be simple and affordable.

There are many visual acuity systems available in the market today.  Many of these have features that often go unused and require extensive knowledge of their complicated remote controls to access them.

The Lombart CVS Essential unit was developed with the idea that an acuity system should be easy to operate, while still including the standard acuity charts commonly used in refraction.  The CVS Essential provides quick access to charts and features, ease of installation and most of all... is priced right!

Standard Features:
Standard Optotypes
  • Standard Letters
  • Number Charts
  • Children's Images
  • Tumbling E
  • Landolt C

Variable Display Options

  • Incremental Size
  • Character Randomization
  • Horizontal / Vertical Single Line
  • Single Character Isolation
  • Red / Green for All Optotypes
  • Mirrored Room Configuration
Snellen Ratios from 20/15 to 20/400
Video and Still Images Included
Calibration Distance: 9ft to 24ft
Monitor Size: 21.5 inches

CVS Essential includes:
  • Monitor
  • HDMI Device with Acuity Software Program
  • Luminous RF Remote
  • Wall Mounting Bracket with Swivel

SKU cvse
Weight 15.00 lbs
Price: $1695.00

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