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Lombart CS-5 Chair And Stand

Made in America, the CS-5 was developed exclusively for Lombart. The CS-5 Chair & Stand features streamlined styling for today's modern office, at an exonomical price point.

The Chair

  • Manual Recline with wide seat profile
  • Hydraulic low lift 9" stroke with a maximum seat height of 29"
  • Illuminated membrane switch control
  • Solid cast aluminum frame, armrest, footrest, and base
  • Single button folding armrests
  • Multi-position full range articulating headrest
  • Rotation lock with handle
  • Ergonomically contoured cushions with anti-viral upholstery
  • Self-lubricating hinges and bushings
  • Choice of upholstery colors

Optional Foot Pedal Control

The Stand

  • Easy to reach vertical locking handle for easy movement of slit lamp
  • 3 "Fast Charge" wells for hand instruments
  • Flexible reading lamp with halogen illumination
  • Illuminated membrane switch control panel for easy cleaning
  • Counterbalanced slit lamp arm with patient safety feature
  • Compact design easy to install
  • Chair elevation control on slit lamp arm and console