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Topcon CA-200 Corneal Analyzer

Topcon CA-200 Corneal Analyzer
Stand-alone operation
The CA-200 includes a fully integrated
PC, so no external PC is required.
Built-in touch screen
The integrated 8 touch screen display
provides for quick navigation through
the software, image acquisition and
With the built-in WiFi module, the
CA-200 can communicate wirelessly
with a network, printer or external PC
review station.
Precise corneal topography
The CA-200 is a placido-based topography
system that delivers accurate, high resolution
images of the anterior corneal surface. 24 rings
measure over 10,000 data points resulting in an
axial resolution of 3 microns.
Automatic best image selection
In order to provide improved workflow,
the CA-200 automatically selects the best
focused image.
Automatic pupil recognition
During every measurement, the CA-200
automatically registers the pupil diameter,
which is critical information during contact
lens fitting.

Using either the wireless or a direct
network connection, the CA-200 can be
integrated easily into a network.
Software modules
The CA-200 includes a review software
that can be installed on external PCs and
provides modules for contact lens fitting
and Zernike analysis.
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