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Tomey EM-3000 Specular Microscope

Tomey EM-3000 Specular Microscope
Serial photographing of 15 shots
15 shots can be taken in series and errors during photographing are reduced. In addition, the best image among the 15 shots is automatically selected and displayed on the screen.
Wide photographing range and 7 capturing positions
The unique technology enables a wide photographing range of 0.25 x 0.54 mm and allows you to observe the endothelium over a wide range. Images can be captured at 7 points: the center and 6 additional points. (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 o'clock positions on a 6 mm arc.) Because there are many photographing points, you can select the point with the best conditions even when the cornea surface is irregular. The corneal thickness is also measured at the same time.
Quick and automatic analysis of corneal endothelium cells
The software for automatic analysis is pre-installed, so images are analyzed automatically without using personal computers. Colorful icons and touch panel ensure easy operation for anyone & contact lenses.
USB connector for printer and LAN connector for PC
USB-D connector to connect to a PictBridge compatible printer to print images of the corneal endothelium and analysis results.
USB-H connector to connect a barcode reader or electromagnetic card reader to enter patient ID data. A digital printer may also be connected.
LAN connection- After installing the Data Transfer software provided with the EM-3000 in your personal computer, inspection result files assigned a patient ID can be saved in the computer.
SKU EM3000
Weight 50.00 lbs