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Reliance 905 Delivery System

Reliance 905 Delivery System


The 905S Pendulum delivery system is designed for effortless delivery of ophthalmic instruments. The tabletop lifts from its rest state and delivers the slit lamp in front of the patient.

Slit lamp automatically turns on as table settles into place. Special cylinders cushion the table assuring a gentle and smooth delivery.

Tabletop moves laterally to position a second instrument, which powers up upon delivery.

The phoropter is delivered via a spring-activated counterbalanced arm. The refractor arm has a 10" range of vertical travel and accommodates instruments weighing up to 20 pounds. The arm is designed to accept any phoropter.

Command Central

The 905S's Control Package centralizes controls for all room lights, houses three rechargeable instrument wells, and switches to raise, lower, and auto return the examination chair.

Instrument moves, such as the positioning of the slit lamp automatically trigger a lighting scene you have pre selected. As instruments are withdrawn, lights return to previous levels.

An indirect hanger mounts on the main unit or pole, automatically turns off the room lights as the indirect ophthalmoscope is removed.


The cabinetry is an integrated system with the Pendulum Delivery System. It is designed to deliver trial lenses, and accommodate imaging displays and computer systems. The Pendulum may be purchased without the desk, so a doctor may add his own personalized cabinetry.

The model 905, featuring wood painted #20 Pearl, is also available.

Pendulum sinks and overhead cabinets are also available as an option.

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