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Topcon DC-3 Digital Camera Unit

DC-3 The new DC-3 Integrated Digital Camera Attachment is the professional system for superb slit lamp photography. Designed to work exclusively with Topcon’s SL-D Series Digital Slit Lamps, the DC-3 offers an improved 8 megapixels of resolution for clear, crisp images, videos, and the highest quality digital documentation. The DC-3 can be easily mounted into the optical path of any “D” Series Topcon Slit Lamp. Internal cabling and connections create a neat, uncluttered look while the omni-directional joystick with incorporated flash activation frees the operator’s other hand for easy patient positioning. All settings on the DC-3, including ISO sensitivity and image size, etc., are software driven, making image capture and manipulation extremely fast and easy. There are no controls on the camera body itself, thereby creating a clean, modern appearance. The DC-3 also features a multiple shot mode, allowing for multiple exposures with a single push of the joystick trigger. Several images are quickly taken at pre-set intervals for complete coverage. Later, the best images can be selected from the captured sequence. In addition to still images, the DC-3 can capture dynamic video images that are useful in contact lens fitting, fluorescein staining and other diagnostic procedures. Key Features 8 megapixel imaging for clear, crisp images and high-quality digital documentation Fully integrated attachment for a neat, uncluttered look Easy capture with joystick button on slit lamp All settings are software driven Multiple shot mode Capture still images or dynamic video images

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