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Marco G5 Slit Lamp

Most comfortable slit lamp on the market.
Six-degree converging binocular tubes with Galilean parallel magnification changer head.
Five-step magnification range from 6.3x to 40x with the twist of a single knob and no change of eyepiece.
Fingertip millimeter slit-width control provides highly precise adjustment.
Single-handed elevation system.
Easy-to-reach tilt mechanism for gonioscopy.
Dial-in, and continuously variable aperture setting from 10mm to 0.2mm. Ideal for measuring ocular structures to 0.1mm.
Focusing fixation light is adjustable to each patient.
Halogen illumination standard.
Five built-in filters (two cobalt).
Rheostat conveniently located next to joystick.
Patient handrests standard.
Tonometer mount and Hruby lens kit optional.
Superb depth of field is ideal for today's technically advanced imaging systems. An available beamsplitter featuring an "in-out" prism system allows full illumination to the practitioner during observation and maximum illumination to the imaging system when in position.
Dual port beamsplitter also allows an assistantscope to be attached.