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Topcon SL-D8Z Slit Lamp

Topcon SL-D8Z Slit Lamp
The Topcon SL-D Digital Slit Lamp Series are the first “true” digital slit lamps designed to produce the highest quality digital images. The concept of the “True” Digital Slit Lamp is based on the optional DC-1 Integrated Digital Camera. This capture device integrates the beam splitter, PC card storage and high-resolution digital camera into one system. The images can be quickly downloaded from the CompactFlash™ card to any imaging software package. For ultra high resolution, a Nikon D100 adapter is also available as an optional capture device for the SL-D7 and SL-D8Z, allowing synchronized flash photography and 6 megapixel images. For easy reference, the D-Series Slit Lamps automatically detect left/right eye information. The SL-D8Z also offers convergent binocular tubes for a comfortable and natural stereoscopic vision. To optimize fundus observation and imaging, the SL-D7 and SL-D8Z models incorporate a new Amber Filter. The zoom magnification changer on the SL-8Z provides continuous observation through a magnification range from 6.35X to 31.75X. The highly efficient zoom optics gives exceptional visualization of minute anterior conditions and creates an excellent display for video technology. The demanding eye care specialist can produce excellent images of the cornea, fundus, and endothelium. New optional filters provide fluorescein observation and imaging, and video for fluorescein examination. Take your practice into the future with Topcon’s all new D-Series Slit Lamps.

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