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Topcon SL-D4 Slit Lamp

Topcon SL-D4 Slit Lamp
The Topcon SL-D Digital Slit Lamp Series are the first “true” digital slit lamps designed to produce the highest quality digital images. The concept of the “True” Digital Slit Lamp is based on the optional DC-1 Integrated Digital Camera. This capture device integrates the beam splitter, PC card storage and high-resolution digital camera into one system. The images can be quickly downloaded from the CompactFlash™ card and downloaded to any imaging software package. For easier reference, the D-Series Slit Lamps automatically detect left/right eye information for digital imaging recording. The SL-D4 also incorporates a Galilean-type drum that allows quick and easy shifts among five convenient magnification ratios: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25.5X and 40X. The 40X magnification ratio is especial useful for Corneal Endothelium observation.

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