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About Us

Our Name Means a Great Deal

When you become the industry leader, it's easy to lose sight of the basic principles that helped you get there. Commitment. Responsibility. Attention to detail. Responsiveness to customer needs. On-time delivery. Integrity. Trust. Products consumers need. When they need them. At a reasonable price.

Even after half a century, Lombart has never forgotten these basic principles. We've built our reputation on quality and dependability. On never promising what we can't deliver. We know that professionals will only buy once if they do not receive quality service and personal attention. At Lombart, we work every day toward tomorrow. To enable practitioners to deliver better quality eye care. As we help build the future, we remember the virtues of the past.

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Phone Number:
1-800-LOMBART (566-2278)
Local: 757-853-8888
Fax: 757-855-1232

Mailing Address:
5358 Robin Hood Road
Norfolk, Virginia 23513