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AMA Optics BAM Brightness Acuity Meter

The Brightness Acuity Meter BAM is a lightweight and durable light emitting device for documenting and monitoring the effects of glare on visual acuity prior to cataract surgery. Testing can be done at high, medium, and low settings. The BAM aids in compliance with insurance guidelines for cataract extraction amongst various national carriers.

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AMA Optics RAM DL Retinal Acuity Meter

Universal application of retinal acuity testing and standardized visual acuity testing. Independent reading lines for OD and OS. Attenuating filter calibrates light to 85 cd/M2 to accommodate glare testing with the Brightness Acuity Meter BAM.

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AMA Optics RAM Retinal Acuity Meter

The RAMŽ is a portable, hand-held instrument that consistently & accurately measures retinal acuity, assesses macular function, and forecasts post-operative vision. It’s test is patient controlled and uses calibrated illumination, exact distance, and 1 mm pinhole apertures. The RAMŽ is available with Snellen letters, numbers, and E-chart characters. The RAMŽ ETDRS is marketed to pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and academic institutions for research applications.

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