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Oculus EasyGraph Topographer

Combination of Corneal Topographer and built-in Keratometer

Extremely high resolution (22.000 measuring points) and digital image transmission

Short measuring time fraction of seconds guarantees high reproducibility

Non-contact measuring

Easy to use, because of sophisticated USB interface in Windows™-environment

Easy to connect to PC via USB-Interface

Easy to run because of network-capable software

Easy to mount on a slit lamp

Refractive compare display to control the progression of wearing Ortho-K-Lenses

Keratoconus detection and quantification based on several Indices

Contact lens fitting software with

real fluo image simulation,

extensive pre-programmed CL database,

editing function for your own line of lenses,

customized, individual CL lens suggestion

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Topcon CA-200 Corneal Analyzer

The Topcon CA-200 Corneal Analyzer can be operated as a stand-alone unit, or in combination with an external PC with communication driven by WiFi data acquistion. The analyzer is controlled by an 8-inch touch panel monitor that makes acquisition, operation and evaluation of the cornea fast and easy. Additional software modules, such as contact lens fitting software, Zernike analysis and network viewing are available.
Key Features:
Onboard state-of-the-art PC allows for complete stand-alone operation
WiFi communication for optional external PC software
Ease of operation
Automatic "best image capture"
Automatic pupil recognition

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Topcon KR-8000PA

The tri-functional KR-8000PA combines an auto refractor, auto keratometer, and a corneal mapping system all in one instrument! It features Topcon''s rotary prism technology for enhanced accuracy, 10 placido rings, and corneal measurements out to 10mm.

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